Mission Statement: To design projects that transform life and living through a spirit of stewardship for our clients, communities, and the environment.


"Every project has the potential to create change, whether it means altering a perception, the natural environment, the urban context, or the life of a person(occupant) in which it engages. It is our jobs as designers to take any opportunity and design a project that has a greater impact than any of our team members ever thought. If we are not constantly looking to the greater reason why we have been asked to be part of this journey then we have not done our jobs as conscientious designers, citizen architects of our community, or even empathetic friends to our clients. We ultimately have been blessed with these gifts, and it is our great joy to bless others." Andrew C. Goodwin, AIA



1. Community First:  People, not projects. Treat employees and clients like we want to be treated. Our mission is to be a steward to our community and give back in meaningful ways. Our engagement should never stop at the project.

2. Intentional Service: As a client and community focused company we provide service in line with our character. We try to be diligent in providing active service by learning and responding to our clients in the best way possible.

3. Net Positive Impact: Stewardship of our talents, work, environment, and personal lives is at the core of our firm.  We are searching for quality in our design and architecture that does not compromise our mission of stewardship. Impactful design can mean designs that promote emotional change through its aesthetics,  positive change in healing the environment, social change in a community, and much more. We do not strive for meeting a standard of being impactful in or work but rather how our lives and examples of living can impact others. 

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1. Do Good Design: Create a positive impact on humanity through our design work. Let our designs and our design thinking have a lasting impact on our community around us. Make sure that not only humanity but the environment benefit from our work.

2. People, not Projects: Our buildings and designs are for people and not for form alone.

3. Optimize Life: Purposeful and efficient living with function winning over form. Our buildings are meant for our clients and must function to optimize their lives, the community, and the environment.

4. Iterate and Innovate: Spend time finding the answer. Improve at every turn. Find an opportunity whenever possible.



Even the smallest ripples of kindness can create big waves of change. Whether the project is a residence or an orphanage for a non-profit we seek to provide environmentally, economically, and socially responsible projects to all our clients.