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“Every project has the potential to create change, whether it means altering a perception, the natural environment, the urban context, or the life of a person (occupant) in which it engages."

AGD has a mission to transform lives and living through our designs. We specifically work in the areas of residential, commercial, and civic architecture in order to make the biggest impact we can with the talents we were given. We curate these projects into categories we lovingly titled Live, Work, Entertain, and Gather.


Custom Homes, Remodels and Additions, Multi-family Developments, Supportive Housing

Every human deserves a place they call 'home' that transforms their life by providing safety, peace, and dignity.


Offices, Retail Stores, Large Commercial Centers,

Industrial and Warehouse Development

Our workplaces should promote wellness as if an extension of your home to encourage productivity and happiness. 


Restaurants, Breweries, Wineries, Hospitality

Creative design and place-making in hospitality settings not only help brand identity for a company, but provide amusement, wonder, and inspiration.

Civic Buildings, Community Centers, Libraries

Buildings are for people and not for form alone. The act of gathering and engaging a community in space does more for resilience and sustainability than anything in this world.

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