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Shakespeare Theater - Santa Cruz, CA

The purpose of this project is to design and construct a new restroom building for the Shakespeare Theater located in Santa Cruz, CA. The new building will include separate men's and women's restrooms, each equipped with private ADA rooms to ensure accessibility for all patrons. Additionally, the building will feature a shared lavatory space.

The new restroom building will also include a large storage space and mechanical room. The storage space will provide ample storage for cleaning supplies and restroom supplies, while the mechanical room will house the plumbing and electrical systems for the building. The mechanical room will also contain water storage containers to collect rainwater off of the large flying roof surfaces. This water will be used to irrigate the landscaping around the building, reducing the need for additional water resources. Our hope is that the new restroom building will improve the overall experience for theater-goers at the Shakespeare Theater by providing modern and accessible restroom facilities.

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