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The Laguna

The Laguna

Size: 1660 square feet   Dimensions: 66'x38'   Height: 12' max   BR/BA: 2 bedroom/2bath



The Laguna is a one bed, two bath, with an office space that has the potential to double as a second bedroom. The focal point of this space is the rectilinear form with a continuous burnt cedar envelope from the front of the home to the back, which helps to provide shade as well as a semi-private outdoor space around the home. The home flows linearly from right to left, but an array of operable floor-to-ceiling window wall panels allows for the space to open up to the site.


The central, public volume of the home is large enough to serve large social gatherings especially taking into account its ample outdoor space. The primary suite opens up to a private deck area with a hot tub and provides views from two of the four building elevations.

  • Package Specification

    Included in this purchase:

    One (1) concept design package including:

    1. Renderings and 3D views
    2. Elevations
    3. Floor Plans

    One (1) AutoCAD file of a 3D file of the drawings for the project.

    One (1) AutoCAD file of 2D plans and elevations.

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