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Desert Vista - Brewster County, Texas

This single family residence is an impressive 3,397 sf project located in Brewster County, Texas. This home will include three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living space, dining room, pantry, and kitchen. It will also feature a generous 1,341 sf partially covered deck, providing ample outdoor space to view the expansive Texas desert. Alongside the main residence, the plans include a 898 sf detached garage and carport. Additionally, this home is built on a raised structure, the space below the home will have rainwater collection tanks with the ability to store 20,000 gallons of water along with an entry and laundry room at ground level.

In terms of sustainability, this home will feature solar panels, composting toilets for solid waste, and an on-site irrigation system that uses waste water. It was important to the home owners to include security features, so all accessible windows will feature a metal door cover for security.

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