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Building A New Home

“Before I can walk in your shoes, I must take off my own” Spencer Johnson

Often, we as professionals give advice to our clients and try our best to guide them through a process that is foreign to them. It begs the question, how well do we understand our clients, their needs, and wants? Anyone can give advice, but not everyone should. When building your dream home, you must remember that this is “your dream home” not other peoples’. Hiring the right architect designer is an absolute must. However, how do we know who is this “right architect designer” if you have not done it before? That's a pretty darn good question and it’s actually pretty simple to answer. Hire the one who understands you. One who can “walk in your shoes” so to speak. Ideally, one who has been where you are before and has done it themselves.

In honor of my dear friend and builder, Malcolm Dutch

Everyone's way of living is, to some extent, different from others. Oftentimes the job of an architectural designer is easy. We influence our clients with our ideas and often, in a way, tell them how to use and interact with their home. That’s pretty personal. However, when we as designers truly understand the unique desires of our clients, beautiful masterpieces are created that not only touch our clients hearts and deepest emotions, but it touches us in a very humbling way. It makes us appreciate the work we do and value the positive impact one creates by “helping people with what they dream” for their new home. After all, dreams do come true at times, it’s just a matter of aligning the pieces and/or the people that will help it become a reality.

Written by Alex Ceballos

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