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The Fold Residence - Yucca Valley, CA

Situated gracefully amidst the serene landscapes of Yucca Valley, this charming abode spans 1535 square feet and offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The home embraces a practical open living concept, effortlessly connecting indoor and outdoor realms. A generous 1100 square foot wrap-around deck extends the living space, providing an inviting environment to bask in the natural surroundings. A touch of outdoor luxury is introduced by an outdoor fireplace and a well-appointed BBQ area, perfectly complementing the residence.

Incorporating the innovative Blue Sky Building System, the home overcomes the challenges of its rugged setting. The roof's unique design is a subtle spectacle in itself, lifting diagonally from one corner to another and gently folding to create a slope across the opposing corners. This architectural choice imbues the interior and exterior with an intriguing interplay of angles and light.

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