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La Ventura

La Ventura

Size: 440 square feet   Dimensions: 23'x30'   Height: 14' max   BR/BA: Studio /1bath



La Ventura is a 440 square foot, 1 bedroom/ 1 bath ADU that focuses on adding to parcel value by providing a private living space for relatives or guests.


This ADU is a flexible living space with a harmonious connection between interior, exterior, and landscape. It was designed with a large fireplace and an enclosed wall to establish a sense of privacy while opening the home to plenty of natural light and the outdoors on the other side through its use of glazing. An outdoor seating area on the reverse side of the fireplace serves as a place for outdoor gatherings. Inside, flexible furniture and a kitchenette allow for the user to arrange the space to their current needs with options for everything from the most private activity, such as sleep, to wide-open public entertainment.


While simple in its expression, the Ventura is an ideal canvas for a variety of cladding materials to better match it with existing residences.

  • Package Specification

    Included in this purchase:

    One (1) concept design package including:

    1. Renderings and 3D views
    2. Elevations
    3. Floor Plans

    One (1) AutoCAD file of a 3D file of the drawings for the project.

    One (1) AutoCAD file of 2D plans and elevations.

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