Industrial coffee shop design in San Luis Obispo, CA

This 2400 square foot coffee shop for a local Central Coast brand, Nautical Bean, boasts an industrial vibe while hosting a plethora of memorabilia, art, and crafts. Viewed as an expression of the owner’s personality, the design team imagined a coffee shop with small pockets and meeting area for the local community to share. This large shop never feels too big by creating these smaller moments of seclusion for the student, parent, or couple that wants a little privacy. 

Contemporary Ice Cream Shop in San Luis Obispo, CA

The interior design of this contemporary ice cream shop reflects the modern methods and attitudes of the owners of Rolld Ice Cream. The white on wood design, with contemporary lighting, and Instagram-worthy details is an expression of the bold and innovative methods Rolld Ice Cream uses to recreate traditional ice cream.

Contemporary restaurant for a traditional Eastern cuisine

Developed as a contemporary solution to an existing building and lot in Porterville, this new teppanyaki and sushi restaurant has breathed life into the site of a run-down block. The interiors boast beautiful and happy design aesthetics to keep the entertaining to a maximum. Eastern design influences meet contemporary architecture. 

Designed with joint venture of A2 Designs LLC.

Modern wine tasting room in Templeton, CA

Giornata Wines is a boutique winery in San Luis Obispo County that wanted a modern tasting room and processing facility in an exiting, old warehouse space. Pulling from the modern Italian style that inspires the winemakers, this facility incorporates clean lines, natural tones, and pops of color.

Designed as Architect at ConsciousBuild, Inc.

Tenant improvement for climbing gym in Santa Maria, CA

This fun and exuberant tenant improvement project converted a 9000 square foot warehouse space in a business park to a climbing gym and fitness facility. The new facility hosts a large bouldering gym, a yoga room, a reception lobby, a storage office and new restrooms.

Modern, boutique resort on a coffee farm plantation.

Finca La Familia is a boutique coffee grower that seeks to expand their offerings into a one-of-a-kind tourism experience by building a resort on their coffee plantation high in the mountains of El Salvador. Andrew Goodwin Designs was tasked to provide architecture, interior design, and design consulting for Finca La Familia.

Contemporary mixed-use development in San Luis Obispo

Set back just one block from the historic downtown strip of San Luis Obispo, California, this four-story mixed-use development was designed to house 12 residential units over varying size and 3000 square feet of commercial space. 

Designed while at ConsciousBuild, Inc.