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Andrew Goodwin is an architect, writer, educator, design activist, and dreamer. He is a serial entrepreneur with a foundation always rooted in sustainability and philanthropy.


Andrew is a licensed architect and has worked on projects across the states and internationally. His practice, Andrew Goodwin Designs, and his work has grown from many years of trials and tribulations. But his story is well worth it.

In 2012, Andrew co-founded the design-build firm ConsciousBuild, Inc in an effort to dedicate his design passion towards more environmentally, economically, and socially responsible projects around the world. His passion for public interest design led him to create a sister foundation, the RED Studio Foundation, focusing on providing socially responsible design services for non-profits that needed it the most. In 2013, Andrew brought the RED Studio Foundation into the 501c3 design organization Journeyman International and took the role of Director of Architecture. Through his work as the architectural lead for Journeyman International Andrew has overseen the design of countless community enriching projects in countries from Rwanda and South Africa to Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

After many years of working as a writer, Andrew co-founded PUBLIC Journal at the end of 2013 in an effort to provide a platform for the public interest design movement. He served as the inaugural Editor-in-Chief, contributing multiple articles while being the main voice behind the design and editorial calendar. Before handing the magazine over to the publisher in 2015, Andrew had amassed a great readership and exposed more of the world to the wonders of the public interest design industry. Andrew’s proudest moment with PUBLIC Journal came when he organized and hosted an Impact Design Night at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco where women of the impact design community gathered to discuss the movement on one of the most inspiring panels of the year.

Also in 2014, Andrew became one of the youngest architecture faculty members at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. His work and research as a design studio lecturer helps to educate students on the importance of socially responsible architecture, while introducing students to the joys of working with at-risk population groups.

In January of 2015, Andrew moved on to form his own design consultancy. His current work includes providing design and architecture services to clients throughout California. This work allows him to continue to provide pro-bono services to non-profits through his work at Journeyman International.

Andrew remains hopeful of the future of design, and continues to write on projects, people, and ideas that excite and encourage him that the late nights are not futile. Communicating this to the rest of the world will remain his life's mission.



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Andrew Goodwin Designs is a design consultancy providing architectural, graphic, and interior design services for projects around California. Architectural work includes residential and commercial projects from San Francisco to Los Angeles and out to the Central Valley. Most recent project range from restaurant and gym remodels to custom residential designs to large commercial centers. 

Besides being a licensed architect, Andrew Goodwin is also a strategist, writer, and advocate with specialization in impact design for social change. Writing and advocating for humanitarian design throughout the world, and the importance of educating emerging professionals to participate and communicate their work in this field.

Recent humanitarian design projects/consulting include: the Sunzu Village Library in Northern Province Rwanda; a health clinic and vocational school in Nouakchoot, Mauritania; the masterplan of an orphanage in Tanzania; and interior designs for a rural micro-financing organization in India. Andrew Goodwin serves as the Director of Architecture for Journeyman International, where he provides oversight, education, and encouragement for their undergraduate programs.